The WCWA Building

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008


Whitedog First Nation


Whitedog, Ontario


Structural Engineering
First Nations

The Wabaseemoong Child Welfare Authority (WCWA) Building

This new Wabaseemoong Child Welfare Authority (WCWA) building is located in the Whitedog First Nation, Ontario. Based on discussions with the owner, it was clear that the turtle had significant cultural importance to the community.

To honor this significance to the community, this new building was designed to replicate the shape of a turtle. The interior functional design of this building took advantage of this shape to develop a central common space together with separate wings for various different service functions the building provides to the people.

This building consists of office space located in the “legs” of the building and a large central gathering space below the turtle’s “shell”. Exposed wood elements and natural lighting have been incorporated into the design to promote closeness with nature.

Life cycle costing was used to help determine building material and system selection along with energy efficiency.