Studio 511 Condos

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StoneBridge Development Group LTD.


Winnipeg, Manitoba


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Multi-Unit Residential


Heritage Winnipeg – Special President’s Award in 2014

Studio 511 Condos

The award-winning 511 River Avenue redevelopment project was a massive undertaking. This historic brick building was built in 1910 for the Church of Christ Scientist. StoneBridge Development Corporation purchased 511 River in 2011 to save this beautiful building and breathe new life into it. The church had been abandoned for years and had significant water damage. Kurtis Sawatzky is a founding co-owner and past-president of StoneBridge Development Corporation.

KNH was the prime consultant and structural engineering firm for this project, overseeing each phase of redevelopment.

The entire interior of the building was demolished. Each floor level was re-aligned such that a new 5-level structure could be developed within the original building shell. This required the engineering of a new temporary steel tension ring inside the preexisting building to stabilize the masonry exterior of the building while all the interior floors were removed and re-built.

The redesigned interior development was constructed on a new foundation system within the old building with adjustable posts to accommodate potential future differential foundation movement. New lateral ties were designed and constructed between the new inside “building” and the original shell to enable the temporary steel supportive ring braces to be removed.

The final project resulted in 46 new residential units that helped save a historical treasure for the continued enjoyment of the occupants as well as all of Winnipeg to see and appreciate for many more years to come!

StoneBridge Development Corporation won the Special President’s Heritage Winnipeg Award in 2014 for this Studio 511 Condo project.