Park Place Development

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Reimer Agencies


Steinbach, Manitoba


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Multi-Unit Residential

Park Place Development

The Park Place is a multi-unit residential apartment development consisting of five separate buildings constructed in four separate phases. Located in Steinbach, Manitoba and designed for the owner, Reimer Agencies Ltd., these five apartment buildings house a total of 102 separate residential suites.

Project phases were built from 2005 to 2019. Over these years and phases, a collaborative team approach to enhancing the design features and building systems and components was established with the owner. Meetings were held with the rental and maintenance staff to help refine future designs by learning from previous designs to help reduce tenants issues and maintenance issues and costs. Over this time new technologies were introduced as deemed appropriate based on life cycle costing and performance.

The design of these three-storey wood-framed apartment buildings implemented advanced building principles, including high-performance windows, increased insulation values and individual tenant control over temperature and ventilation. The spacious flexible suites also allow for a high degree of tenant flexibility and set a high standard for rental properties with functional in-suite amenities to match the owner’s goals and objectives for the overall development. This helps enhance occupant enjoyment, reduce turn over and enhance value.